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Ayo-Oluwa Salawu.jpg


Part 1 Architectural Assitant

BEng(Hons) Architecture and Environmental Engineering

Before joining pad in February 2022, Ayo gained a large amount of experience on residential and commercial properties when working for an Architectural firm in Bermuda during the summers between each year of his Undergraduate studies. After completing his degree in Architecture and Environmental Engineering in 2021, Ayo worked on various residential properties in the south-west of England over a 3 month period for a consultancy in Bath, UK. Following this, he had the opportunity to lead 2 Architectural projects while being guided by an Architect in Bermuda to take the projects further into the construction and management stages. 

Ayo was a proud recipient of the Construction Association of Bermuda (CAOB) Scholarship in 2016 as well as the Paul Lepercq Architectural Scholarship presented by the Institute of Bermuda Architects in 2018. Ayo has a strong passion for design, and enjoys exploring more about the Architectural industry.


He is excited to be working in urban design and is enjoying the opportunity to learn the importance of sustainability, user-experience, and innovative design  in the Architectural field. 

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